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Old roll Mod APK is a realistic app with vintage effects that can capture photos like the 90s or 80s. Old Roll software is the perfect photo editor for photos. If you are an old photography lover then this app gives you an amazing experience. The class photos you got which is very attractive in the eyes of people. Listen! I know you like disposable cameras. Oldroll Mod APK has a very appealing interface, the one who made this was very creative I am damn sure. Because it implements all creativity in this disposable camera. Imagine if you are watching a movie and you think about why you are not capturing film or photos with your mobile phone. After installing Old Roll mod apk you get nostalgic pictures.

Introduction Image of Old Roll Mod APK

People who like 90s or 80s photography or who experienced their parents’ time, must use this disposable camera. There is no tension or stress of editing in this photo app because after capturing the picture or video you don’t need to edit, the result is amazing without editing. This Old Roll has many filters and effects which all are unique.

Description Of Old Roll Mod APK

Old Roll Premium APK is very due to its old design. It gives us many old cameras, including Classic M, INS P, and argus cameras, and retro effects which make the image so aesthetic and attractive. If you are a socializing person and post your snaps on social apps,  then this camera is best for you. After uploading photos that are clicked by Old Roll people will be impressed. It has an amazing tezza photo frame, the best film rolls, and many unique filters or effects. This is unique due to their unique cameras. Polaroid camera have INSP P Polaroid, Classic M Camera by Leica M6, and 503 CW. If you are a food vlogger, then TOY F is best for you because it captures the aesthetic pictures of food, on the other hand, Pink Camera takes you to a fairyland.

What is Old Roll Mod APK?

Old Roll mod APK is a real analog camera, it has a vintage photobooth and analog polaroid film filter which brings you back to the 80s. If you are an old disposable camera lover then it is best for you because it is an app with retro structures that take you back to the old era. If you are missing your grandparents this disposable classic camera helps you to make memories fresh. The picture gives you the old vintage look. Old Roll unlocks all cameras and allows you to use all cameras free which you have to pay. You can use all paid filters and cameras free through our Old Roll unlock all cameras.

Additional Features

Classic camera

This app has classic camera styles. These styles are motivated and inspired by cameras like Leica M6,503CW and many more. It has an amazing film tone which makes it more unique. The characteristics of old roll mod APK styles are also unique.

Polaroid Filters

This old roll mod APK camera has Polaroid filters. Users can recreate the instant photo charm of Polaroid cameras, perfect for capturing memorable moments with friends. The Tezza photo frames enhance the aesthetic appeal, providing timeless photo borders.

Disposable Cameras

Features disposable cameras like TOY F with loopsie texture, help us to capture amazing food pictures. Another ROL 3.5 lens with retro textures and vintage style gives us the old-city look. Which helps us to experience the old things.

Color Varieties

Old roll mod APK provides us with a wide range of camera styles with different textures and color tones. It includes the romantic pink-purple tone(Pink Camera), gourmet food(Cheese Camera), and 400 filters inspired by TOY K. Through many filters we enjoy a lot and experience different tones.

Photobooth Effect

If you want to add a special retro grain filter to your images and give them a unique and nostalgic look, let you achieve a photobooth-like effect in your pictures by using an old roll. Because it is inspired by the Kodak Portra 400 filter.

Leather Cavity Camera

This feature embodies elegance and sophistication in its design and effects. It aims to recreate the charm of retro film photography, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and classic aesthetics. Users can expect rich, vintage-inspired visuals and an overall experience reminiscent of traditional film photography, adding a touch of class to their photos.

Pink Camera

If you are a girl and using an old roll mod APK, you can use the pink camera. The pink camera is specially made for girls with pink and purple colors. It takes you fairytale world.


If you are looking for retrica and you like it then TOY K is present for you. You can use this camera of the old roll mod APK which has all unlocked premium cameras to capture memorable pictures with retrica.

Instant Film Photography

Old roll mod APK provides users with a highly realistic film photography experience, all achieved with a single click. This means that users can capture photos that have the authentic look and feel of traditional film photography without the need for time-consuming and extensive photo editing. It simplifies the process, allowing users to enjoy the nostalgia and charm of film-style photos instantly and effortlessly.

Trendy effects

These trendy effects allow users to experiment with various visual styles and artistic expressions, making their photos stand out and reflect current photography trends.

How To Download Old Roll Mod APK?

The downloading and installation process is very simple and easy, just follow these steps:

  • First, you have to open the in your browser tab.
  • Scroll and see the download button and click on it.
  • Your downloading process starts after clicking on it.
  • If you are facing any issues while downloading the Old Roll Premium APK, you can contact us.
Download Old Roll  Step-1

How To Install Old Roll Mod APK?

  • You have to go into the settings of your phone search for unknown resources and enable it.
  • After completing this step you have to locate your downloaded file of the old roll mod APK file manager.
  • When you find it click and start the install.
How to download and Install Old roll mod APK

Old Roll Mod Features

  • Premium cameras unlocked.
  • No ads.
  • You don’t have to pay a single penny for premium features.
  • No watermark on pictures and videos.

Pros and Cons

  • You have access to all cameras without making in-app purchases. You can use all premium features.
  • The latest version of the old roll mod APK is available on this website.
  • Your money is saved, because you don’t need to purchase anything every premium feature is unlocked.
  • No notifications of updates, enjoy your old roll mod APK premium features.
  • You can also download and use it on a PC and laptop if you want to know how check out this article Old Roll for PC and laptop.
  • Somehow there is no latest version available.
  • Your application won’t update on its own. You can visit our website and get your most recent version with only one click, so don’t worry we’ll always offer the most recent version.

Frequently Asked Questions

The old roll mod APK is a moded version of the old roll camera app. In this, every premium feature is unlocked without any purchase.

The old roll mod APK often provides access to premium features for free and gives you enhanced flexibility and functionality.

Modified or moded versions typically don’t receive official updates. Users may have to uninstall it and install the updated version manually.


I hope you like the guidance and it helps you to download the old roll mod APK and install the old roll mod APK. We are sure after this detail you have no confusion regarding the old roll mod. To conclude, the old roll mod APK is an amazing camera with vintage effects. And every premium feature is unlocked which gives your photos a trendy look. So go and download it’s easy to use.