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Review of  OldRoll Retro Cameras Collections In Detail

Retro cameras are made to look like older cameras in appearance and feel. Among the greatest inventions of their time were these cameras. When these cameras first entered the market, the fashion and photography industries found many uses for them. Retro cameras are usually with manual controls, numerous lenses, wireless controls, film-like filters, and textured exteriors. Review of Oldroll retro cameras is very important

List of retro cameras

The most well-known and amazing retro cameras from the 1980s have been gathered by Old Roll into a single, portable camera software that you can use whenever you want. You have the opportunity to use vintage cameras that are mostly not available in real life nowadays. Old Roll offers several additional features along with the realistic feel of real cameras, including the shutter and interface. Want to download Old Roll Mod APK?

  • Classic Q
  • Classic M
  • 88B
  • WP1
  • 120 V
  • XF10
  • Xpan

Classic Q

Leica Camera AG, a 1969-founded German company, developed Classic Q. The Leica Classic Q has a 28mm f/1.7 lens and a 24MP sensor. It was also easier to operate because it had a touchscreen. At 30 and 60 frames per second, 1080p HD video recording quality is provided by the original Q. For photographers at the time, having an excellent camera that weighs only 640 grams and records HD video changed everything. In addition to wireless connectivity, Classic Q has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Review of Oldroll Retro Cameras Classic Q

Classic M

Leica’s most popular camera is the Classic M. The Leica Classic M has excellent resolution and lovely camera colors. One of the well-known cameras in the Old Roll collection of old cameras is this one. Because it only weighs 680g, you can carry this high-resolution camera anywhere in your bag. Leica has given us a very excellent designed dust- and shock-proof body! A 35mm full-frame chip with a CMOS image sensor greatly optimizes photos after they are taken. Full HD, 720p, or VGA at 25 frames per second are available options.

Review of Oldroll Retro Cameras Classic M


88B: An antique camera named after the German film 88B. A blue interface that included multiple capabilities, including a front and back camera, EV, flash, and many more, was utilized by Old Roll for its camera.

Camera  88B


The purpose of the WP1 vintage camera, that producers have included in the Old Roll collection, is to help you keep your Christmas memories in photographic form. This camera is based on the WP1 from Canon. When it comes to the in-app modes on this camera which include Portrait, Macro, Auto, and Landscape, we advise utilizing each one by the circumstances to get the greatest outcome.

Camera WP1


Because of its small size and lightweight, photographers frequently use the 120 V camera. Similar to a 35mm camera, you can take better pictures with this one. There is a working LCD monitor inside. Also, this camera is amazing because it includes a 32-120mm zoom lens and a built-in flash. An excellent choice for beginning photographers.

Camera 120V


FujiFilm developed the XF10. The camera was popular for having a high resolution; it could even shoot at 15 frames per second in 4K. Because it added a blueish tinge to images, it was an excellent option for street photographers. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to use; adjustments are made by selecting different choices. Similar to Xpan, it was also a success. With this camera, you can share your images because it has wifi and Bluetooth options. Street photographers prefer this camera because it is small and easy to carry. You can carry it everywhere and take pictures. It has a 3-inch touch screen making it easier to use. There is a fixed 18.5 mm f/2.8 wide camera lens on the FujiFilm XF10. For taking pictures of streets, cityscapes, and landscapes, this lens was among the best.

 Camera XF10


In the 1980s and 90s, Hasselblad produced the retro film camera known as the Xpan. specifically made to generate wide-format images. You can use one rectangular lens and one square lens. This camera allows you to capture three distinct positions, and it will print each one as one whole shot. Further, you can use a frame or not when taking photos. The frame’s black and golden hues evoke the aesthetic of the 1980s.


 You already know which Old Roll camera works best for you at any given time, I believe. All things considered, Old Roll has selected the top vintage cameras from the past. I think you’ve obtained what you came for on this site now. So, I did my best to review the Old Roll Retro Cameras Collection thoroughly and to give everything I had. I hope you like the review of Oldroll retro cameras.

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