Old Roll Portrait Cameras Collection

Old Roll Portrait Cameras Collection

If you enjoy taking photos, I can almost guarantee that your preferred type of camera is a portrait camera. These cameras were created specifically to capture portraits of subjects. It is unique because of several of its behaviors. You are aware that Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre developed portrait cameras in 1835. That’s the time when portrait cameras start. You see nowadays everyone wants to take their picture with a portrait camera because it is so trending. The biggest reason for portrait cameras in every mobile phone nowadays is hype in the world. There is competition between companies to make the best portrait cameras on their phones but old roll portrait cameras are very famous. Now we can discuss the old roll portrait camera collection in detail which clears all your confusion.

Portrait Mode

By using portrait mode you get high-quality images. Portrait mode blurs the background and focuses on the object or people it depends on you what you are capturing. That’s why it is used in events and professional photography.

About Old Roll Portrait Cameras

Old Roll provides you with a bulk collection of portrait cameras. Because every user gets the best experience while using it. When you are using their portrait cameras you feel you are in the ’80s and 90’s. Through old roll portrait cameras, you enjoy a lot. Back in the world, people have to carry a lot of cameras but now you have to install only old roll and get a large collection of portrait cameras.

Types Of Old Roll Portrait Cameras

Old Roll offers you 13 portrait cameras in their collection, every portrait camera has its different features and UI. It includes Pink, Toy K, Fisheye, Kira, X3, M616, Spring, Print, CCD, G7X, MIN11, INS P and 503 CW. They give you different effects through this you enjoy a lot. These cameras are not free. While using this camera it gives you a real feel that will amaze you. Now I am going to review all the collections through this so you know more about these. If you are an iPhone user you can check our article Old Roll Mod APK for IOS.

List Of Old Roll Portrait Camera

  • INS P
  • G7X
  • CCD
  •  MINI11
  •  Print
  •  503CW
  •  X3
  •  Kira
  • M616
  •  Spring
  •  TOY K
  •  Fisheye
  •  PINK

Review Of Old Roll Portrait Cameras


If you like movies I am 100% sure you love this camera. This camera has an aesthetic polaroid frame, and its brown tone has amazing performance on human skin. After capturing photos it looks like a movie. You enjoy it a lot because it will give your photo a next-level touch. INS P photographs are more than just images; they tell stories, capturing experiences and emotions that transcend time.

Old Roll Mod APK Portrait Camera INS P


This is a professional-level camera for portrait photos and video shooting. It supports manual controls like exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. Due to the white balance in portrait mode, it has amazing handling of skin tones. The “G7X” focuses quickly and accurately on subjects, giving in clean and crisp portraits. With its large sensor, it captures portraits with exceptional detail and vibrant colors. The G7X Camera performs beautifully in low-light scenarios, capturing stunning images even in environments with poor lighting.


If you going to take selfies and close-ups, so this portrait camera is best for you. The image is bright and very soft because it is a cow Polaroid camera. it comes with 8 beautiful and furry Polaroid photo papers. If you puppy or kitty lover you enjoy it a lot by using it. The camera includes a selfie mirror and auto exposure, allowing for excellent self-portraits with no effort. “Instax Mini11 film” helps you to record remarkable moments and turn them into memories in a split second.

Old Roll Mod APK Portrait Camera MIN11.


As you remember the photo sticker booth became famous all over the world in 2000. So print has 6 different styles of filters and photo paper to re-live the fun of photo stickers. Camera Prints are everlasting memories for future generations to enjoy. “Print” conveys the appeal of film photography. It provides contemporary features while also praising the skill of filmmaking.

Old Roll Mod Apk Portrait Camera Print

503 CW

This camera is amazing for capturing the nature. It performs very well under low illumination. The inspiration comes from the hasselband 503cw. It does not have many features also the interface is quite simple. The camera is described as excellent in low-light conditions, particularly under cloudy skies and with low light. This suggests that it may perform well in low-light environments, which is a useful quality for taking images in a variety of lighting scenarios.

Old Roll Mod Apk Portrait Camera 503CW


The X3 is a portrait camera that gives your picture an amazing aesthetic look. It has also a leakage effect in which center of pictures. This light leakage effect randomly appears. It supports video and pictures. So, this camera is inspired by the half-frame AF camera Samurai X3.0.

Old Roll Mod Apk Portrait Camera X3


If you want to bring some glitter into your life use KIRA. This is a very beautiful purple analog camera. It gives you a very romantic look with pretty stars. You can change the quantity with my min and max options.

  • The Kira camera catches a subject’s eyes with amazing detail, adding depth and passion to images.
  • Kira uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify and record real expressions, adding more expression and reality to portraits.
  • Kira comes with various lenses suitable for a wide range of portrait styles, from environmental shots to close-ups.
  • Creative and dreamy backgrounds are provided by the unique effect of the camera, known as artistic background blur.
  • To produce attractive artistic portraits, the Kira camera has a light painting option.
  • Kira enables photographers and subjects to collaborate in real-time by connecting to other devices.
Old Roll Mod Apk  Camera Kira


This camera has film features a warmer tone, film grain, moderate contrast, and soft handling of skin tones. It is best for outdoor shoots. This is inspired by Toma M-616. You may change beauty filters to add a more realistic and visually appealing touch to images with various skin tones. For artistic effects, you may effortlessly alter the backdrop blur while taking pictures. To enhance the visual appeal of your images, the “m616” suggests exciting poses. With its lovely design and lightweight design, the “m616” camera is perfect for wherever they are portrait photography.

Old Roll Mod Apk Portrait Camera M616


The spring camera takes amazing photos with brightness and color. It has 9 fresh Polaroid frames. And, It is also best for outdoor shooting. The camera reflects timeless beauty with a seamless combination of modern technologies. Its hybrid vision blends real-time displays with traditional lenses. The camera encourages confidence, creating a relaxed setting for honest feelings. Spring Camera was developed using the natural world as inspiration, encouraging you to use your creativity when taking pictures.

Old Roll Mod Apk  Spring


The Kodak disposable camera inspires this camera. It has unique graininess, bluish color, and high brightness to make your photo quiet and relaxing no matter if it’s sunny or cloudy. TOY K draws inspiration from the Kodak Portra 400 filter, which is well-known for capturing brilliant, rich colors and is ideal for portraiture. To give images a nostalgic and retro appearance, the filter probably adds a grainy texture similar to old film. It seems like TOY K is attempting to recreate the old-fashioned, analog film aesthetics that were typical of film cameras from the past. Pictures taken with the TOY K filter will have a nostalgic and vintage aesthetic thanks to their rich, vibrant colors and unique grain texture.

Old Roll Mod Apk Portrait Camera ToyK


This camera has a fish lens, you can see the world with a fish eye. The old roll portrait camera collection is very amazing and fun when you use it. You know what! the output which is given by the camera is fretted. This camera has a special wide-angle lens that gives images a distorted, silly, artistic, and unusual appearance. Images are given a funny and appealing touch by the fisheye effect, which makes them seem interesting and enjoyable. Images are given a funny and appealing touch by the fisheye effect, which makes them seem interesting and enjoyable. Photos are eye-catching and unforgettable, which makes them perfect for photographers who want to create a statement with their shots. Photos taken with a fisheye lens have a timeless, vintage look thanks to the traditional blurring effect.


This camera is romantic pink-purple which gives you a fairyland feeling. This is specially designed for girls, you all girls deserve graceful things in the world. The Pink portrait camera stands out and looks lovely because it is colored a stunning pink. You can easily share your portrait photos with friends or on social media by connecting this camera to your phone and other devices thanks to its modern technology. Listen! the creator specifically designed this camera for capturing images of people. It has features like facial recognition and filters to enhance the way your subjects seem. The Pink camera is small and light, which makes it perfect for snapping portraits anywhere you go, even with its amazing capabilities. The Pink camera shows its concern for the environment by being made with recyclable components.

OldRoll Mod Apk Portrait Camera Pink

We can easily determine from looking at all these portrait cameras that OldRoll has a fantastic choice of portrait cameras in this app. Every camera has some features in common as well as some that make it unique. Because of their amazing characteristics and effects, the portrait cameras X3, Print, mini11, and Fisheye are considered to be especially appealing.

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