Old Roll Camera Outdoor Cameras

Old Roll Camera Outdoor Cameras

Everyone wants perfection in their life that’s why people are very conscious about their photos. Old Roll Premium APK has many cameras but with different purposes. Some cameras for outdoor, indoor, video, portrait, and many more. Today I can explain and tell you the best outdoor cameras in Old Roll camera. The users know Old Roll is not free their cameras are paid, so if you have all features free and use them without paying a single penny you have to download it from our website.

  • CCD
  • F3
  • Indie
  • Auto S
  • Toy S
  • M616
  • Rapid 8
  • Nostal
  • Diana
  • Nikon F
  • Classic Q
  • Quatre
  • Bubble

If you want to experience the 80s and 90s photography Old Roll will help you. Old Roll Premium APK gives a vintage look to your pictures. The UI of cameras is very attractive and every camera is different. When you are using Old Roll it can get you back in old times. I also experienced this by using it, you must try this. 10 million plus people download it and give the best review after enjoying it. On our website you know which camera, video recorder, filter, and many more things about Old Roll Premium APK. If you like to record videos, must check the best video recorders for mobile(Old Roll Mod).

Oldroll Mod APK High resolution


Technology has been integrated into this camera. Through the technology, the incoming light changes into an electrical signal and clicks the amazing picture. This is not the only feature which amazes us, furthermore, modern features it has. You can use the flash on both sides of the camera front and back. The Zoom In and Out function is also utilized. I know these are normal nowadays but in the old times, it was a very big functionality. You can manually adjust settings such as saturation, exposure, and ISO.


If you love to take pictures in summer light and cloudy atmospheres, then this camera is best for you. In 980s it is a popular 35mm camera, Nikon F3. You can use it in the open atmosphere, I am sure you love it.


The people who like colorful things, then this camera is perfect for you. This is a multi-color camera which mostly girls and kids like. This is not only for capturing pictures for only one platform, due to the universal camera you can make Instagram posts with it. Photographers use this camera for their professions because it is not for all kinds. You must try to capture the picture in sunlight, it gives the best output.

Auto S

This camera has many abilities, I am sure it will become the favorite of on this entire list. You can use this for different purposes it will never let you down. Indoor, outdoor, and portrait photography in every scenario gives us the best output. Don’t forget to scroll first to use the camera.


You use this camera to capture fun moments. Due to high brightness and low exposure, it makes fun sometimes. You can use this camera on events and outings with family. You enjoy during use of the camera.


This camera is also an outdoor camera with a 35mm retro style. It captures amazing pictures at outdoors. The torch option is available in this camera. You can do a little bit of manual settings.

Rapid 8

Users employ this camera to create collage photos. Because it captures 8 photos in a row only in 3 to 4 seconds. Due to this, its name is Rapid 8. The time for capturing the images can be set manually.


Manufacturers specially made this camera for autumn. It has basic features, not much advanced.


This camera is familiar to baby toys. When you capture the photos the bubbles appear on screen. Listen! You enjoy and are entertained while using it. When boredom sets in, give this camera a try for fun; that’s why it’s my favorite.

Nikon F

The Nikon F, one of the best old roll cameras, was introduced in the 1950s. Because the first SLR camera which made by Nikon it was the God of that time in cameras. In this camera, a lot of advanced features are combined. The popularity of this camera is speedy because every photographer uses it for their profession. The first time when it was introduced the market was shocked because it was the game-changing camera. This was also used by NASA company. This one is the best camera in the old collection because this camera has all the abilities. All advanced features in a single camera.

Classic Q

Leica Camera AG, a 1969-founded German company, developed Classic Q. The Leica Classic Q has a 28mm f/1.7 lens and a 24MP sensor. It was also easier to operate because it had a touchscreen. At 30 and 60 frames per second, 1080p HD video recording quality is provided by the original Q. For photographers at the time, having an excellent camera that weighs only 640 grams and records HD video changed everything. In addition to wireless connectivity, Classic Q has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Through the name of the camera, you got this it’s about four. Yes, you are right it can capture four pictures in a row and create the collage, and you have no tension of editing. Nishika developed the camera in the 1990s.

I covered most of the outdoor cameras which is best for outdoor photography. After this, I hope you have not any confusion about choosing the camera for the outdoors which suits you.

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